25 fevereiro, 2008

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    Hi all. How are you?

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  9. Anônimo5:12 PM

    I always wondered if the Manchurian Candidate – McLame – would make an appearance. I think he is a victim of Stockholm Syndrome, too.

  10. Anônimo1:18 PM

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  11. Anônimo7:53 PM

    I understand. That is why I made the point about the state caucus to come up with acceptable Presidential candidates. My fear is we have too many conservatives that may split our vote and let a Romney, Christie get in.

  12. Anônimo11:08 AM

    I also really enjoy the idea of a group blog mostly because I've always been a fan of group blogs a la 37signals. It's a different take on things that I tend to enjoy, getting to see different opinions, group dynamics, etc.

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